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An Atheism United Blogger is someone who will be allowed to post their blogs on the website[1] in a mutually beneficial relationship with You will be able to share ad revenue by posting your own google adsense account. You may choose to blog without revenue sharing. This page will outline the role, what is requested of a blogger, and what their purpose is. There is a section below with more information about why you want to join this effort. If you would like to be a blogger write to here or here.

If you are already a successful blogger, we encourage you to cross post here and help get new traffic on your blog. We're especially looking for well known bloggers who blog frequently. This site will offer you incredible exposure.

What is the role of the blogger

  • Create content at the rate of at least 4 posts per month
    • 150 word minimum
    • Suggested range of 300-750 words. (we live in a twitter society, you are more likely to be read)
      • This is just a recommendation. Feel free to average 1,000-2,000 words per post. That's your call.
    • No maximum, however 2,000 words is a recommended maximum.
      • Over 20,000 words and let's put it somewhere special, like a free e-book.
    • 5 posts per week is suggested.
      • Hemant Mehta and PZ Myers are two of the best known atheist bloggers partially because they post several times per day.
  • Write about anything that would be of interest to someone who is not out of the closet about their atheism. This includes almost everything important to an atheist and is broad on purpose.
  • Write about anything important to any atheist
    • Arguments against god
    • Latest Christian controversy
    • Latest act of religious violence
    • Latest lie told by a politician
    • Issues of environmental concern
    • Athletes praising god
    • Write about #OWS Occupy Wall Street
    • ... You get the gist


  • Examine his/her own position of our vision. Dissect individual points. Our vision will reference your blog when complete.
    • Create one piece that embodies your position on each specific vision item.
      • If you support it explain a reason why, or what we should do, or how you came to that position.
      • If you don't support it say why, it will get equal coverage.
      • Feel free to be critical we only expect 85-90% of atheists will agree. Those who disagree should have their views heard as well.

The role of Atheism United

  • Provide a Drupal 7 site. An example of a Drupal 7 install with similar functionality to what we strive for:
  • Offer free sub-domain name to link to blog at
  • Blog posts will be at
  • Ensure blogger has a single skyscraper Google sidebar ad on a side of the page. You will need an AdSense account.
  • Provide an audience.
  • will become one of the top names in Google under search terms applicable for atheism.
  • The first year the site will grow extremely fast.
  • Site now has Disqus functionality, dozens of ways to log in and post!
  • Site admin Brian Sapient has played a major role in several atheist websites attaining #1 status in Alexa atheism site rankings. He's done it on average every 3 years for the last 12 years. He hasn't done it in about 3 years. ;-)

Info for the blogger about the first year intent of Atheism United

  • Unite all atheists around the Longest list of atheist URLs ever!
    • Large advertising campaign coming to list.
    • Google rank of every atheist site increases over archaic and nonsensical world views
    • New readers who don't feel comfortable with their atheism will be sought out. The list will be shown.
  • Show our vision to the world
    • Discussion on our forums
    • Simply by telling the world our vision we slowly move closer to it.
    • Start working on ways to attain the vision through discussion, formation.
    • Bloggers discuss vision with links from our vision to their blog
      • Discussion of the vision happens on blog
      • A coalition of bloggers helps paint the broad brush that represents atheists.
  • Atheism United takes the focus off what atheists don't believe and will often focus on what atheists do believe
    • Vision statement is up for reconsideration at all times, when it doesn't hold up to an 80% majority among atheists.
    • Polls[2] will help defend vision positions by showing an 80% or higher atheist majority agree with the vision.
    • Bloggers are still free to discuss anything in the "what we don't believe" camp.
    • Site will still define atheistic terms
    • Site will contain atheist vs theist debate on forums.


Bloggers will tell Atheism United what percentage of our vision they agree with. That number along with the average percentage of all bloggers will be displayed in a chart on a page that explains the blogging project. The page that summarizes the blogging project will also request new bloggers come onto our team. That same page will be a central focus of the blogging project and linked to in many locations. We will show the world some core issues that many atheists agree with. There will be dissent, and that's great, but we will unite under what we believe in, rather than not.