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ACTIVISTS: An additional project is needed. To help stream all of the content from around the world of atheism we plan to employ RSS feeds to bring a constant stream of updated happenings in the world of atheism. The list below are the groups I think will provide the best content for our purposes. Could you please go to the sites below and find the rss feed on the homepage. If you know there is another rss feed on the site specifically for atheist news or current events please seek it out and post that as well. The format of this page isn't important, it just needs to be understandable. All of the data is being transferred to another location after we've retrieved the rss feed info. This page will likely remain as a reference list.

Look at the feed, if it's not news, current events, rants against religion, link to a current podcast, or something similar, please remove the link from this page and we'll avoid posting the RSS. I noticed the RSS feed on Atheist Nexus was just user data, like names of users, that's a good example of what we'd avoid here. There are some great feeds out there, this page seeks to find the 20-50 best. We don't need blog feeds as we'll have our own blogs. We can make an exception for freethought blogs considering that this site would like to show it's public support for them considering we will end up being a similar site.

The best google chrome extension to see the feeds available from all the sites is this one.

SUMMARY 11/20 URGENT REQUEST: Please list the RSS feed of all sites on this page. Non-Profit Orgs are done, that is the correct format. If you mess up the format, no big deal, the important thing is getting the url for the rss feeds of all the listed atheist sites

Non-Profit Orgs

THIS SECTION IS COMPLETE, seeing the RSS feeds displayed like this is how the other categories should be done.


Press Releases:


Activist Organizations (exclude non-profits)

This section for groups known for their activism but they DON'T have 501c3 status.

Rational Response Squad, The

Charitable Atheist Causes

Atheist Volunteers
Foundation Beyond Belief
Earth Bound Pets
Atheists For Humanity
Non-Believers Giving Aid

Atheism Awareness and Understanding

Atheism Resource
Atheism Tube
Atheist Activist
Atheist Empire
Brights' Net, The
Celebrity Atheists
Ebon Musings
Free Inquiry
Free Thought Debater
Gathering, The
gnuatheism wiki
Godless in America
Graveyard of the Gods Ministry
I am an atheist
Iron Chariots Wiki
Margaret Downey fan site
No Beliefs
Positive Atheism
Secular Web, The
Skeptic's Dictionary, The
Skeptic's Dictionary, The
TMQ Core

Secular families Atheist Parents
Parenting Beyond Belief

Skeptical Sites

Australian Skeptics
James Randi (JREF)
Skepdoc, The
Skeptic North
Skeptical Obstetrician, The
Skeptics Society, The
Skeptics Book of Pooh-Pooh, The

Podcasts and Internet Broadcasts

American Freethought
Angry Atheist
Ask an Atheist
Atheists Talk
Atheist Viewpoint, The
Bible Geek Show, The
Big Picture Science
Black FreeThinkers
Chariots of Iron
Critical Eye
Culture Shocks with Barry Lynn
Dogma Free America
Drunken Skeptics, The
Emery Emery the Ardent Atheist
Equal Time For Freethought
Evolution 101
For Good Reason with D.J. Grothe
Freethought Radio
Freethought Radio Network
Freethought Zone with Mark Mythos, The
George Hrab & the Geologic Podcast
Humanist Network News
Imaginary Friends Show
Infidel Guy
Living After Faith
Non-Prophets, The
Planetary Radio
Pod Delusion, The
Point of Inquiry
Pseudo Scientists
Public Reality Radio
Rationally Speaking
Rational Response Squad
Reality Check, The (Canada)
Reap Sow Radio
Reasonable Doubts
Scientific American
Skeptic Zone, The (Australia)
Skeptically Speaking
Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, The
Star Talk with Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Think Atheist
Token Skeptic
Truth-Driven Thinking
Voice of Reason, The
Ross and Carrie, two sceptics


Freethought Blogs:


Richard Dawkins
Sam Harris
Michael Shermer
Phil Plait
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
God is Imaginary
Invisible Pink Unicorn
Evil Bible
Losing my Religion
Skeptics Annotated BIble
Why Won't God Heal Amputees


Comedy Jesus
Darwin Awards
Fundies Say the Darndest Things!
Landover Baptist
Mr Deity
Unfollowing Jesus
Tim Minchin


There are a bunch of atheists attempting to supplement their income with blogging on the Examiner website. Please help and provide their RSS feeds, we'll create an area to link specifically to them. We want to support the idea of atheists writing with the hopes of earning a little spare change.

This is the feed for Hugh Kramer:
They will all shared the above format. Please post name and feed address, some names of atheists are below awaiting feed data.

William Hamby (Atlanta Atheism Examiner (feed), Atlanta Progressive Examiner (feed))
Staks Rosch (National Atheism Examiner (feed), Philidelphia Atheism Examiner (feed))
Hugh Kramer (Los Angeles Atheism Examiner (feed))
Shaun McGonigal (Philadelphia Reason and Religion Examiner (feed))
Carol Everhart Roper (Philadelphia Freethought Examiner (feed), Philadelphia Science Examiner (feed))

many more... help fill in the blanks