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Atheist/Atheism/Agnostic/Humanist sites are listed below. All of these sites are part of a larger network that has significant search engine value. For example these sites will have an .blogspot or .wordpress as part of their domain. We should also list .wikia sites on this page (for now).

Atheist Informative

Atheist Havens Volunteers to assist young adults that are kicked out or disowned by their family due to their atheism.
gnuatheism wiki
Gathering, The
Mohammed Image Archive
Infidels.EU / Satan.LT
Sanswoo is designed around a Google custom search engine which includes hand-picked sites for valuing science and evidence over superstition and wishful thinking.
Oppose Naturopath Licensing
Report A Rort
Under the Greenwood Tree Skepticism, nature, science and humanism.
Denialism Blog

Investigating Religion

Investigating Christianity This archive started by an ex-wannabe Minister who now exposes the Bible's flaws.


Draw Muhammad Day

Podcasts and Internet Broadcasts

Appreciate Your Mind
Evolution 101
Godless Bitches

Other Subdomain Atheist Pages

Jack Chick's Funnybook Gospel
Atheist Oasis
Freethought Media
Positive Atheism
The Dectrip Faith
The Great Space Butterfly


Blogs hosted by corporate domains like .Wordpress, .blogspot, .tumblr, .Blogs, Examiner etc...

A Particular Blog By A Particular Atheist
Abandoning Eden
Adam Lee
Agnostic Thinking
Alencon's Place
All These Pious People
Answers in Genesis Busted
Apostate's Chapel, An
Arizona Atheist
Atheism: Proving the Negative
Atheist Camel
Atheist Dave
Atheist Den
Atheist Doctor, The
Atheist Ethicist
Atheist Experience, The
Atheist Jew, The
Atheist, Raised Mormon
Atheonomy Minnesota
Bad Psychics
Barrels of Monkey
Beautiful Black Atheist
Ben from Canada
Fractal Heretic
The Calladus Blog - Fresno Atheist
Colby Hess
Daily Atheist
Debunking Christianity
Design by Evolution
Doubt Religion
Dyslectic Atheist, The
EvanT (in Greek)
Deity Shmeity
Einstein the atheist Memes and images of Albert Einstein Encyclopedia of American Loons
Everyone Draw Mohammed
Facts not Fantasy about Vaccines
Feisty Girl
Freedom To Think
Good Reason News
Gospel of Reason
Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia Improves skeptical content of Wikipedia
Hausdorff's Bible Blog Reading through the bible and posting thoughts
Inquiring Minds
Jack of Kent
Joe Zamecki
John W. Loftus
Keith Lowell Jensen
Kriss the Sexy Atheist
Larian Lequella
Life Simply Is...
Living After Faith
Leave Faith Behind
Leaving Faith Behind - The Book
Living After Faith
Living Life Without a Net
Zaq (Silver Skeptic)
Mano Singham
Mark Tindall
Mikes Weekly Skeptic Rant
Misanthropic Scott
New Atheism by Trance Gemini
Perplexed Observer, The
Popper's Inversion
Ratio Primoris (Reason Foremost)
Rosa Rubicondior
Science-Based Parenting
Secular Atheist
Skeptical Obstetrician, The
Steve Wells
Staks Rosch
Stephanie Zvan
Sunday School Weekly
Susi's Soap Box
Suzi-Q posts from a young female atheist
The OTHER Burzynski Patient Group
Too Many Questions
Unreasonable Faith
Unreligious Right, The
What Da Ya Think?

Canada sites

A Deaf Atheist Dad
No Religion Know Reason (Caribatheist)
Traumatized By Truth
University of Toronto Secular Alliance