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Since the age of the internet the world has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of people who no longer believe in a god. The internet has offered a place for atheists to feel free to speak their mind without the typical repercussions that came from questioning god belief in the past. For years religion has sought to quell the atheist voice whether through intimidation, censorship, or outright terrorism.

Many atheists have come forward to discuss their experiences, their thoughts, their struggles, and the reasons they live without religion. These concepts are not new, but the amount of people who have access to them are. Religious people are now able to freely research what atheists have to say and when given enough time and information religious people tend to come to the same conclusion as atheists. There is not enough information or proof to warrant belief in a god, or at the bare minimum... atheists deserve to live their life without religious intrusion or ridicule.

Atheism is simply the absence of belief in a god. There are many different types of atheists. Some atheists want to speak out against religion, some think we should keep to ourselves. Differences among atheists vary from political beliefs, to age, sex, race, and every other topic imaginable. Many atheists pride themselves on their freethinking which allows them to think about things without the shade of religious teachings clouding their view. And if it can be debated, you can bet somewhere that there are two atheists debating it from opposite perspectives.

While the internet has helped atheism awareness it has also increased our struggles. The atheist community has been segmented and split by various arguments. Many atheists see a core commonality among each other, even during the infighting. We seek to unite but often don't know how, or we struggle with the particulars. This site hopes to help mend some of those fences.

Please visit the Huge list of atheist agnostic skeptic humanist websites.

The pages attached to this category house every atheist, agnostic, bright, humanist, skeptic, non-believer, secular website we could find. Throughout the process of building this site there were atheist who have added to these pages a name of a website that they held a strong disagreement with. This site is about solidarity. We do have some basic commonalities. For now, the one we can all agree on is that we live without a belief in a god.

This website hopes to help you find others like us, like you, like who you may become. We welcome you to Atheism United, please peruse the pages attached to this category and find an atheist website that you can support.