Fill in the blanks

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If you see footprints in the snow, and you have some idea of what is needed there, lend a hand to help fill in the blanks.


  • If you see a red link and think, "Hey, they should have something written about that, instead of just an empty page!" go ahead and write something about it. Don't be shy. Be bold. If you know something about a subject, and think it's important, your contribution would be very much appreciated. Or even if you don't exactly know what to write, but think it's a very important topic to flesh out, then click on the red link, explain why you think it's important to flesh out, add Category:Urgent to the bottom of the page, and save it.
  • If you see something like (Add more here...), and you have something to add, go ahead and add it. Even if it's actually just a red link.

Someone will eventually come along later to fill in the blanks.


To know where we should fill in the blanks, it's nice if someone before us has left footprints in the snow.