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Please add atheists from twitter to this page. The only requirement is that the twitter account should have over 50 tweets and 50 followers. This is an extension of the Longest list of atheist URLs ever made.

A single descriptive sentence, no longer than a line can be added next to each name.

Al Stefanelli
Arrogant Atheist
Atheism #ff
Atheist Survival Guide
Twitter Atheism TV
Atheism United The Officiall Twitter Account of Atheism United (this site!)
Atheist Exile
BE. Orlando
Bible Reloaded, The
Black FreeThinkers
Brian Trent Author of Hypatia's Revenge
Bridgett 'Bria' Crutchfield
Coffee Loving Skeptic
Creative Atheist, The
Crispy Sea
Dave Stewart
Deity Shmeity
hajamaideen From Bangalore, India
Godless Girl
Godless Bastard
Ikonografer Graphic Designer for Atheists
Killing God in America
JEES Peruvian Journalist and Teacher
Life Simply Is...
Michael Shermer Author and Founder of The Skeptics Society
Minority Atheists of Michigan
Ranger Chronicles, The
Rational Response Squad Atheist Activists known for Blasphemy Challenge and atheist vs theist debates.
Religion Hurts
Richard Dawkins
Robert Fuller
Secular Alert
Secular Press
Seth Macfarlane Comedian and creator of The Family Guy
Susannah Rooke
The Humanist Resource Connection
Think Atheist Radio Show, The
Thinking Atheist, The
Thomas Westbrook Blogger/Youtuber (founder of Holy Koolaid)