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Do you enjoy writing? Are you an atheist who would like to write about atheism? We could use your help, if you would be willing to write some necessary articles for our websites. You could post the article, and offer it to others as well.

The following is a list of articles that we need written. We have many concepts for content but not enough time to create it all. If you'd like to write an article and lay the foundation, I'd like the opportunity to read it and possibly hone it slightly. I could run that revision past you, these articles are written to exist in our database with copyright belonging to Atheism United. If an Atheism United Blogger writes the article it will result in extra attention to their blog.

Submit articles to Brian Sapient (infidel sapient at hotmaiiil) or post them on the talk for this page

These articles should not be written with a harsh tone. The articles should educate and inform.

Listed in order of need.

  1. An article is needed about the many no god billboards that have gone up. Please link to atheist billboards somewhere in your article. We would like a positive article that covers their importance, which organizations used them, maybe even some chronological order, what some reaction was possibly. Any length article. We can always add on to what you start.
  2. A two paragraph summation of the history of atheism is needed. You can use the wiki article on history of atheism for ideas. Hopefully you figure out a way to link to at least 6 atheist websites. You can do this by linking to stories that they've done on atheists or something similar. Include information about atheism existing before theism.
  3. Article entitled "Is atheism a religion?" Any length, the longer the better.
  4. Origins of Christmas
  5. Origins of Christmas tree
  6. article about the persecution of heathens throughout history.
  7. We need an article about Foundation Beyond Belief for Atheist Volunteers. We would like to display a positive article about all of the good foundation beyond belief is doing and how to support them, and why.
  8. More to come...