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Facebook is a social networking website at http://facebook.com/.


Facebook is a page that we really shouldn't have an entry for on atheismopedia.

Facebook is famous for helping us network better while simultaneously accomplishing much less. Some people have lost their job for talking about their job to their friends (on Facebook).

No matter what you ever write on Facebook it will always be available for someone to find, even if you delete it. Some people have said that Facebook sells info to spies, or that spies can hack the system and get anything you've ever written. So stop doing shady stuff... like atheist activism. They're watching.

You could always support the hard work of an atheist website. Some of these atheist sites generate revenue just by you visiting them! Try visiting 1 or 10 of these atheist sites.

If you do happen to spend time on Facebook, check out the Facebook Atheist Groups.


Taking some of the satire at face value

Facebook is a page that we really shouldn't have an entry for on atheismopedia.

I disagree. First of all, this wiki is not Wikipedia, it is about uniting atheists. It is a concept wiki, not a document wiki. Secondly, and most importantly, this wiki is about uniting atheists in the sense of working together towards our vision. That means, the if we want to talk about Facebook, then we should have a wiki page about Facebook, especially as to how it relates to working together towards our vision of Atheism United.
For example, not everyone knows how to use Facebook. For a long time, I didn't, for example. And now that's I'm starting to learn about how it works, I'm starting to thing about how to use Facebook for community, organization, activism, and all sorts of other atheism-related topics.
Don't be afraid to have some seemingly-disconnected wiki page on this wiki. It is harmless. If no one visits it, then it doesn't get used. If they do, then it does, and it will grow in usefulness the more people who visit and contribute their ideas.
Think of this wiki as a continuous, extended, massively multi-player brainstorming session. Bring any and all ideas to bear! We are going to need as many as we can get, if we are to accomplish our vision. I believe that we will be able to achieve unity through diversity. It's how democracies work, it's how open source software works, it's how science works, it's how evolution works. It will work for us too. Wonderist (talk) 18:57, 16 November 2011 (UTC)