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The blog of Josh Nankivel, at http://http://iamskeptic.com/

Minor confusion

When a link to http://http://iamskeptic.com/ appeared on the Longest list of atheist URLs ever! page, we initially thought it was homeopathy spam because the first post on the blog had a huge screenshot from some homeopathy homepage, which made it look like I Am Skeptic! was a homeopathy blog pretending to be 'skeptical' (presumably of Big Pharma). Fortunately, it was just that one screenshot which was confusing! :-D

Josh explains on the blog's about page that he is an atheist.

If Josh wishes to sign up and fill in more detail about his blog (and he can remove this section if he likes, no problem), he is very welcome to do so! Wonderist (talk) 20:37, 30 October 2011 (UTC)