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The vision of Atheism United can be seen on the homepage. Here is our vision:

Vision Statement

To stoke the flame that is reason as society leaves religion in our past.
We hope to market atheism, improve the world, and protect and promote secular government.

Market Atheism

To educate the people of the world on atheism.
To show the good atheists do for the sake of doing good.
To establish tolerance in our nations for atheism and atheists.
To assist the National Atheist Party by allowing ourselves to be counted and show that atheists are a voting block.
To elect an openly atheist President, as an important symbolic milestone of a shift in the perceptions and biases of the populace.
To serve as a watch dog organization to protect against religious infringement upon atheists.
To serve as a lighthouse to those atheists who are alone or who remain hidden for fear of persecution.
To combat religious propaganda and brainwashing.
To expose the truth about all religious establishments.

Improve the world

To unite in doing good together.
To protect the rights of atheists and anyone who is being oppressed.
To make changes in government policy and goals.
To help all societies move toward global secularization.
To champion goals that serve the people such as making healthcare and a full education affordable or free for all.
To elect critical thinkers and people of reason to positions of service in our nations.
To champion the ideas of truth, knowledge and freedom.
To fight to protect our environment as we strive to make this planet better for future generations.

Protect and promote secular government

To repeal laws which impose religious ideals
To return America to its Constitutional roots, without a government supported religious belief.
To end the special privileges and exemptions that governments afford to religious institutions, including exemption from taxation.
To give atheists a world in which they don't give their tax dollars to religious leaders.
To protect all people from the dangers of religion including arguing against all war that is predicated at least partially on religious conflict.
To protect all people from religious intrusion.