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The Rational Response Squad (RRS) is a community group of atheist activists, which maintains the Rational Responders website at http://www.rationalresponders.com/.


(Main wiki page about the website is at Rational Responders)

The home page is at http://www.rationalresponders.com/


"A place for activist atheists to unite"


A major part of the Rational Responders site is its active online forum at http://www.rationalresponders.com/forums (Recent Posts)

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See Wikipedia:Rational Response Squad for more documentary information about this group.

Mission statement



Representation and membership

The RRS online forum is open to a wide variety of people, including theists, fundamentalists, angry atheists, polite atheists, rude atheists, people with fringe political positions, etc. The forum rules are quite open, and limited largely to dealing with trolling, spamming, illegal behaviour, unethical behaviour, etc.

As such, there are many people who are members of the RRS forum, and even the RRS community, but who are not necessarily representative of the RRS mission as a whole. These distinctions have been the source of some controversy in the past, as some people unfamiliar with the overall mission have taken the impolite behaviour of some forum or community members as reasons to criticize the RRS as a whole.


Largely instigated by slighted theists, and partly due to confusion over representation and membership, as well as conflicting standards of impoliteness and rudeness, some people, including atheists, have repeated rumours about various RRS members and the RRS community overall. This rumour mongering resulted in serious damage to the RRS' reputation, which is described at length in a blog post by RRS member natural, Still Unapologetic: Thanks for asking., which discusses not only the RRS rumors, but also the similar instances of the gnu vs. accommodationist debate and the controversial Elevator Gate. Brian Sapient answered some rumors here as well.


Several members of the RRS are atheist activists of various kinds including both online activism and social activism.


The RRS mission endorses a many approaches are better than one approach to atheist activism, and so attempts to collaborate with a wide array of fellow activists. (Examples here)

Atheism United

RRS co-founder Brian Sapient (User:Brian) is a major contributor to the Atheism United mission, including hosting of http://atheismunited.com/, and this wiki.