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This atheist activist and skeptic is a minor-leagues wikipedian, a member of Libres penseurs athées, is affiliated to the Montreal-based Sceptiques du Québec organization, and is a Goodreads librarian. Optionally, this user can be spammed, emailed, facebooked, linkified, pinterested or youtubed.

To do

Verify that the following have been added: Reasonable Doubts - "Award winning podcast for people who won't just take things on faith" Point of Inquiry - "Center for Inquiry's flagship podcast" Freethought Radio - "Podcast of the Freedom from Religion Foundation" A Christian and an Atheist - "Friendly discussion of the issues between a Christian and an Atheist" The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe - "The paranormal and controversial claims from a scientific view" The Thinking Atheist - "Breaking the bonds of fear and superstition to live a truthful, fulfilled, exciting life" Ask and Atheist - "Podcasts of the Tacoma radio show" American Freethought - "Question. Think. Decide." The Atheist Experience - "Phone-in show from the Atheist Community of Austin" The Good Atheist - "Covers the funny, bizarre and often frustrating world of religion" The Non-Prophets - "Podcast of the Atheist Community of Austin" The Imaginary Friends Show - "The on True Podcast. Where nothing is sacred... except the show" Cognitive Dissonance - An etheistic & skeptical news podcast